3 Lesbian Dating Apps that Work

The LGBT community is one of the most active communities on the online dating scene. The dating sites and apps that are dedicated to homosexual, bisexual or bi-curious people are many. While some of them provide what they promise some others to fail to get the job done. On this article, we will discuss the apps that are dedicated to the lesbian part of the LGBT community.
If you are a user of online dating platforms you know that mobile apps are far more convenient that dating sites as you can always use them on your smartphone pretty much at any time and any place. This is the main reason that apps have surpassed the sites by far the last few years. Today we will present you with three apps that can get the job done for any lesbian or bicurious woman out there. Choose one of these lesbian dating apps and you will find what you are looking for.


Wapa is an app solely dedicated to bringing lesbian women together. The quality of the app is such that our testing team was stunned by it and we assure you that something like this is really hard to happen. First of all, its free version is very powerful. You can use almost all of the available features of the app for free. There is the option to upgrade your membership to a premium one and you will get a few extra perks but if your budget is limited the free version will give you everything you need to meet new people and socialize with them. The community sense of Wapa is very strong and protective of its members. The members themselves are the ones that expose men that pose as women. This means that the database auto-protects itself against the trolls that prowl around the internet. Overall, it is an app that will give any lesbian woman the chance to find a potential life partner or hookup with other lesbians for some casual pleasure. Give it a try and you will stick with it.


HER is a dating app dedicated to lesbian women that combines the traditional swipe apps with a community feel. One of the easiest apps to download install and join. Its only disadvantage may be the fact that you need to link your account with your Facebook or Instagram page. Here we have to say that HER will never post anything on your Facebook or Instagram page. It might be inconvenient for some but in general, linking the accounts with social media pages to ensure the absence of spammers and trolls so we cannot complain much about it. The free version of the app is at least as strong as Tinder's and if you have a limited budget you can easily use it to find what you are looking for. If you choose to pay for an upgraded membership you will enjoy a few extra perks such as unlimited swipes and other tools that will assist you further in your quest. If you are looking for a safe and pleasant environment dedicated to lesbian Women HER is a great choice.


With a name like that SCISSR couldn't be anything else that a mobile app dedicated to the lesbians. If you think that SCISSR is only about casual encounters between lesbians you couldn't be more wrong. The app, almost like every LGBT app out there, has a very strong community feeling and this gives the chance to its members to look for any kind of relationship they are looking for. Either you want to find a partner for some simple pleasure or you want to find your soulmate the database of SCISSR has the dynamic to assist you in your quest. Another great advantage of SCISSR is the fact that it is absolutely free. Many apps claim that offer their services for free but few are those that live up to their claims. SCISSR is one of the latter, you can use all of its features for free without any limitations. So, if you have a limited budget that can be applied to online dating SCISSR is a very good option for you.


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