An Honest Review

 Online dating can be quite frustrating sometimes due to a large number of fake sites that want to scam you and take your well-earned money while wasting your precious time. Unfortunately, most of the people out there fall victim to many hookup and dating sites due to their lack of online experience or their disappointment in their personal lives. is one of those terrible sites that can damage your wallet and mental health. Let me share my experience with the site and why I write a bad review.
Right from the start things don’t look so promising for any rational man out there and that is because when a user tries to visit it gets redirected to a different site called that looks even shadier. A lot of different windows and pop-ups appear on your screen highlighting <click here> to get even more shady windows. AffairAllert claims that one can have secret affairs with married women just by registering on their site and ultimately losing your money. All those profile pics you are greeted with when you visit the site are 100% fake and you can easily find them with a single google search on images. You have to understand there are no real people on the site and all those profiles are made by the owners of to trick you that you can find a cheating wife to have an affair.

When you register on their site by providing your gender, username, password and a valid e-mail address, a verification e-mail is sent to you to continue. When you press that link on your e-mail you are welcome to see for yourself the nonexistent functionality of the site. Since there is nothing you can do on various e-mails and messages are sent to you about lonely women that want to have fun with you. The thing is, you cannot reply or sent them back if you do not upgrade or pay a subscription fee. But even if you do rest assured that nothing will come out of it. All these messages are fake and sent by the site to make you feel right at home and make you believe that you actually have high hopes of finding someone that is interested in you. All the people on are fictitious and created by the site to make you waste your money while getting nothing in return.
Overall is one of the worst hookup sites out there with the only goal of scamming you, taking your money and wasting your valuable time. Do not waste a minute on and save your wallet and your mental health for a site that truly deserves it.


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