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A little bit about San Diego

San Diego is a coastal city on the Pacific Ocean that lies next to the border with Mexico. It is the eighth largest city of U.S and the second largest in California. Its climate is mild all year long and it has huge beaches that attract thousands of tourists during the summer. Before the Europeans emerge in the area, it was home of Kumeyaay people. The first Europeans that settled in the area were the Spanish under Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo. He claimed the area in the name of the King of Spain and in 1769 the Mission San Diego de Alcala was formed. In 1821, the town became a part of the Mexican empire and later if the First Mexican Republic. In 1848 after the Mexican-American War, San Diego along with the rest of California became a part of the United States. Nowadays, the city is famous as a healthcare and biotechnology development center as many corporations that specialize in the field have chosen San Diego as their headquarter base. Moreover, the city has a long associa