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Fetishes That Might Surprise You

Furtling We take the internet and our ability to instantaneously access every form of porn imaginable for granted. Imagine a time before the internet, before electricity — what did people do back then? What else could they do? They cut slits and holes into photographs and used them to "explore." Sure, the risk for paper cuts was high, but what else were they supposed to do? While the prevalence of this fetish is not high, it still exists today. Hmmm, this probably explains the huge popularity of Farah Fawcett posters in the 70s. Cake Farts Imagine a cake — any kind of cake, really. Yes, carrot cakes are permissible. Now focus on the icing. You will want plenty of icing. Okay, now for the interesting part. Imagine the presence of a very open-minded — no, that's much too mild, it must be rephrased. Imagine a very kinky woman is present. You may have heard of enema fetishes — if you haven't, well their name makes them self-explanatory. Take the general concept