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3 Reasons NOT to Use the Grindr Dating App

Grindr is probably the most well-known hookup app for gay men. If you belong to the gay community there is no way you haven't heard about Grindr or used it at least once. Almost every gay man in North America has downloaded and tried this hookup app at least once. Even though it is huge in popularity, it still has its disadvantages. Let's take a look at three reasons why you should stay away from Grindr. 1. Fake Profiles Among the millions of profiles, there is a large number that are fake. If you play around a bit you will encounter a ton of them. The people behind those profiles could be many, from scammers or homophobic pranksters to just plain old spammers. It would be awesome if Grindr's developers would do something about it but as it seems it is out of their reach for now. If you want to protect yourselves from those fake profiles it would be wise to choose an app that protects its database much better than Grindr. Many apps put their members through a rigorous

2 Months on PassionDesire - Here Is my Experience

Back in the day when I was really new to online dating, I made the mistake of subscribing to PassionDesire . In the hope of helping others to avoid my mistake, I decided to post my experience on this site. If you have not heard of this site before, just stay away. If you are seriously considering it, please read this before joining. I was drawn to PassionDesire by its beautiful name. Those two words "passion" and "desire" are very powerful. When you are new to the online dating world, words like that will get your attention. Once I completed my registration I tried to make contact with the beautiful women that were seemingly trying to make contact with me from the first moment that I joined the site. I couldn't respond to them with the free version so I decided to give the paid version a shot. I paid for a one-month subscription. Upon doing so, I managed to respond to those women who were sending me messages, but they didn't respond an