3 Months on uLust - How Many People Have I Met?

A few months ago I decided to join the world of online dating. Until then I had never done any dating via an internet platform and my experience on this kind of dating was practically non-existent. I chose uLust simply because it was the first one that caught my attention.

The whole experience has begun really nice as the homepage looked very friendly and was full of beautiful ladies. Please, don't judge me hard on this one, I was a rookie of online dating at the time. I completed the registration very fast as it was really simple even for a rookie like myself.

At first, I used uLust as a free member but I quickly realized that I could do little if I didn't pay for a subscription. I did whatever I could to answer the messages from various sexy ladies that were messaging me but I was unable to move forward. This is why I decided to pay for a three-month plan. That cost me $49.95, the worst 50 dollars I have ever spent in my life.

As soon as I paid my subscription all of the communication features unlocked and I was enthused as I was sure that uLust would help find the hookups I was looking for. Well, the truth is totally different. Soon, I realized that uLust was full of fake profiles and all those messages I received came from chat-bots. At that point, I was really frustrated and I wanted to take my money back.

I tried everything and then I realized that I could do little about it. All of those tricks were clearly stated in their Terms of Service. Since the moment I accepted those terms I had consented to the use of them. This is the way they cover themselves and make sure that none can ask for their money back.

Anyway, since I found myself trapped in there for three months I decided to make the best out of it. I searched as hard as I could and tried to come in contact with as many women as possible even far away from my location. After three months of endless search, I never found a real one. When my subscription ended I made sure not to renew it and never returned to uLust.

My advice to you is simple. If you are looking for a real-life hookup with a living person, never visit uLust. There are many more hookup sites out there that can give you a chance to find what you are looking for. All you need to do is join one of them. Also, no matter how good you think the site of your choice is, make sure to read their Terms of Service before registering. It might sound boring and time-consuming but it can save you a lot of time and effort if you do it and you will know where you get yourselves into.


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