4 Reasons to Stay Away from Craigslist Casual Encounters

There used to be a time when Craigslist was the ultimate platform for hooking up with new people for casual pleasure. This happened for a good reason. Craigslist was simple and free — anyone could use it and find people who were up for some fun in their area. The way it handled personal information was very discrete and it allowed people to meet up without much of a hassle. Nowadays, however, you have a better chance of getting hit by a meteor than scoring on Craigslist. If you are looking for some casual encounters stay away from Craiglist and here are the reasons why.

1. Spammers

From the beginning, Craigslist had very little control over who posted an ad. The only thing you need is a live email address. As long as you have the email, you can post anything you want and declare yourself to be anyone you want. At first, that was very helpful for people that wanted to hookup anonymously. Unfortunately, spammers came on the scene. Wherever there is potential for money to be made, the scammers will be there. It didn't take long until someone posted pretending to be a female willing to hookup and redirected the potential suitors to a paid membership site. Once the first spammer did it, soon more followed and they took over the casual encounters section.

2. Cunning Pranksters

Once I heard a story about two friends that posted a fake ad on CL for pranking purposes. Those guys answered all of the guys that emailed them and arranged to meet up with all of them at a McDonalds on a certain date and hour. Before the "date", the friends had printed all of the photos those guys had sent. They took the photos, placed them in the restroom of McDonalds and waited patiently. A few minutes before the scheduled date time, the horny guys started arriving in droves. Of course, since there was no girl sitting alone in the food place, almost all of them assumed that the girl had yet to arrive. After 15-30 minutes some of the guys started using the restroom and that's when all hell broke loose. They saw their faces posted on the wall. The two friends had the laugh of a lifetime. This is what can happen to naive men who believe they can get laid via Craigslist's casual encounters.

3. Prostitutes

Prostitution is illegal in most states, but that doesn't mean that there aren't women who are willing to sell their body for money. Craigslist offers a platform that is full of potential clients and those women know that. The only thing they need to do is post an ad, talk to the horny men and arrange the price before the meeting. Well, if you don't mind paying for sex, I suppose you can still get some action that way. Then again, you can also catch an STD.

4. Perverted People

The internet is like any other place in the world, you can find good people, bad people, regular ones, and even a few perverts. In real life, most of the time you can tell when something is wrong with someone, but when they hide behind a screen it is not that easy to tell. The lack of strict controls offered by Craigslist offers those perverts a perfect chance to exercise their perversion and trick people into meeting with them. There is absolutely no way of screening those guys on Craigslist.

No matter how horny you are, if you don't want to get in trouble or be scammed, avoid CL at all costs. Almost every other dating site or app out there is better than this.


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